IMAN Project Restore and the IMAN Health Clinic

Project Restore works to mobilize the most overlooked and underserved members of our society to be agents of hope and positive change. As tens of thousands of formerly incarcerated brothers return home annually, IMAN and the brothers of Project Restore assist them with rebuilding their lives and inspiring others to do the same.

Donate Generously: Ensure the American Muslim community can continue to have sources of great inspiration for hope, transformation, and Divine Mercy. | video produced by Endless Eye Productions

photos by: Savera Iftikhar

Beyond the political dimensions of the current debate on health care is the real human story that none of us can ignore. On Chicago’s South Side and in other disenfranchised communities across the nation, more and more hardworking families are forced to put aside their pressing medical concerns simply to make ends meet. IMAN’s community health clinic is the only free health clinic situated in an area of over 150,000, and serves a community in immense need.

Photos by Savera Iftikhar | Video produced by Endless Eye Productions


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