Endless Eye is a Chicago based Media Collective of Artists, Videographers, Cinematographers, Editors, Graphic Designers, Producer/Directors, and Free Spirits. Our daily lives as freelancers allow us to come together to work on projects ranging from commercials, shorts, documentaries, music videos, corporate videos and feature films. We spearhead social justice issues in our own films and help local businesses, Non-Profits and entrepreneurs to develop and create vibrant media to promote their own endeavors. Endless Eye also has been developing its own on-going Media Literacy and Video Production classes throughout the city to promote Media Advocacy and Understanding in Youth throughout the city. 

We strongly believe that Film, Video and all other forms of Media are tools not restricted to filmmakers themselves, but are actually a vital part of the fabric of our current social understanding and quite literally help to mediate our relationships with one another and our perceptions of the world around us. Empowerment through Media Understanding, therefore, is one of the most important assets we can acquire in our times, despite the various backgrounds we may come from.

We all have very different life experiences, but it is the recognition and exploration of those differences which makes life so interesting, and the fact that each of us has his or her own story which unites us. After all, to quote the Upanishads, it is “not what the eye sees, but rather that which makes the eye see. That is the Endless Eye.”

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