Rachele Eve “Harold Moon” (Live Studio Session)

Endless Eye will be shooting a Music Video for this wonderful track coming up in April. You can find Rachele’s newest album “Mouthful of Feathers” on iTunes.

IMAN Muslim Group Reaches Out in Chicago

IMAN plans to expand its innovative, vibrant and holistic approach to community service in other cities. VOA reporter Nico Colombant has more. Sean Fahey and Jeremiah Hammerling of Endless Eye featured below.

IMAN Project Restore and the IMAN Health Clinic

Project Restore works to mobilize the most overlooked and underserved members of our society to be agents of hope and positive change. As tens of thousands of formerly incarcerated brothers return home annually, IMAN and the brothers of Project Restore assist them with rebuilding their lives and inspiring others to do the same.

Donate Generously: Ensure the American Muslim community can continue to have sources of great inspiration for hope, transformation, and Divine Mercy.

www.imancentral.org | video produced by Endless Eye Productions

photos by: Savera Iftikhar

Beyond the political dimensions of the current debate on health care is the real human story that none of us can ignore. On Chicago’s South Side and in other disenfranchised communities across the nation, more and more hardworking families are forced to put aside their pressing medical concerns simply to make ends meet. IMAN’s community health clinic is the only free health clinic situated in an area of over 150,000, and serves a community in immense need.

Photos by Savera Iftikhar | Video produced by Endless Eye Productions

Sounds of Faith PBS Documentary Islam Christianity Judaism

Sounds of Faith is a unique media and educational outreach project focusing on the commonalities in the three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The three-part documentary film and its accompanying outreach program will focus on how humans are connected to God through sound, and will foster a deeper understanding of the strong ties between the three religions.

Sounds of Faith will be broadcast nationally on public television as a three-part series in 2009 with WTTW in Chicago as the presenting station and Shakeela Hassan of Harran Productions and Bill Kurtis of Kurtis Productions, its Executive Producers. The Endless Eye crew was contracted for the creation of this film.

Takin’ it to the Streets: Urban International Festival: June 19, 2010 – Promo Video By Endless Eye

Takin’ it to the Streets is the largest Muslim-led festival of its kind. Established in 1997, the festival garners national and international media attention as an event where world class Muslim artists, activists and scholars come together with other community and civic leaders to celebrate the possibility of hope and positive social change. A fusion of artistic expression and community engagement, Streets bridges todays cultural divides through a cutting edge, free festival celebrating urban creativity and a global movement.

For More Information on the Festival please visit: http://www.imancentral.org

Past Due – “All Mine” featuring Mayer Hawthorne Music Video Co-Produced by Endless Eye

Past Due – “All Mine” featuring Mayer Hawthorne Music Video

Produced By:
VPK Solutions LLC and Endless Eye Productions!

For More Info on Endless Eye Visit: www.endlesseye.com

Ornery Little Darlings Music Video Debut Co-Created by Endless Eye

All Right Chicago. . . Take 2 minutes and 22 seconds out of your day to check out the Debut Music Video for Ornery Little Darlings – “Run from the Gun (Directed and Edited by Jeremiah Hammerling). This was a high-octane fun-filled collaboration that would not have come to life without the artistic tenacity of Kyle LaMere (ishootrockstars.com), the cinematic eye of Jake Zalutski (rubbishisgold.com), great performances by the band and 17 wonderful ladies who powdered up their hands, and the versatile space at the EP Theater . Many thanks to all involved!

Now is just the beginning for the Darlings! We entered the “Rock the Roxy” Music Video Contest. Winners get free tickets and flights to SXSW and a chance for major music endorsements. Please share the link with your friends and help the Darlings win the contest! Every view we get for the video factors into the final decision for the contest. (You can view other videos from the contest and make comments by going to www.youtube.com/rocktheroxycontest and clicking on “Video Response” below the video posted. )

Endless Eye has more Music Videos up its sleeves so keep your eyes out for future collaborations! Or if you have a video you think we should develop and co-create, hit us up at endlesseye@Gmail.com (or) endlesseye.com

Message from the East – Official Selection at Fargo Film Festival 2010

The Fargo Film Festival is proud to announce its official program of documentary features for 2010. Congratulations to our outstanding group of moviemakers.


* Under Our Skin (Andy Abrahams Wilson)


* A Cruel Wind Blows (Rob King)

* Rebuilding Hope (Jen Marlowe)


* A Message from the East (Jeremiah Hammerling)

* Revealing Hate (Mariah Wilson)

* Small Town Soldiers (Cody Schimek)

* Tales of the Road: Highway 61 (Cathy Wurzer)

* Thicker Than Water (Brad Rappa)

In November of 1999, a group of film lovers, filmmakers and educators, along with tourism specialists, theatre volunteers and staff members, gathered at the newly restored Fargo Theatre to discuss the possibility of a Fargo Film Festival, as well as the selection of the Fargo Theatre as a site for the 2000 Library of Congress Film Preservation Tour.

In March of 2000, with a great deal of guidance and insight from the passionate, film-obsessed teacher Ted Larson, the theatre celebrated the rich history of film with selections from the prestigious Library of Congress collection. Actor Janet Leigh attended our week-long celebration and proved a most elegant guest. The success of the Library of Congress tour fueled the fire for an annual Fargo Film Festival.

Ted Larson died unexpectedly in November of 2000, but his spirit prevailed and the Fargo Film Festival became a reality in March of 2001. Since then, the festival has grown significantly from 30 submissions in 2001 to its current average of more than 150 submissions from 28 states and 6 countries.

The Fargo Theatre’s storied history, 21st century technology, and beautifully restored art deco decor anchor the festival.

A Message from the East – Documentary Trailer (2:13)

VIMEO LINK: http://vimeo.com/10816239

Website: messagefromtheeast.com
Contact: info@endlesseye.org
Twitter: twitter.com/endlesseyeprod
Facebook: facebook.com/endless.eye

Shot between 2007 and 2009, “A Message from the East” is an inspirational film about the life and work of Muhammad Iqbal, the national poet of Pakistan. A crew of 10 Chicago Filmmakers traveled from Germany, Dubai, Pakistan, Turkey, Spain, Canada, and parts of the United States to retrace the steps and thoughts of the most inspiring Muslim Poet of the 20th Century.

Shot on HD and HDV cameras as well as 16 mm and Digital SLR cameras, “A Message from the East,” is a film which seeks to answer the misunderstood question: “Where are the moderate Muslims?” This film decisively shows us they are here, their voices are strong, and they have been with us for quite some time.

“A Message from the East” invites us to take another look at Islam, through the window of time during the late-colonial rule of India. Muhammad Iqbal was a man who understood the nature of contradiction and the necessity of balancing the converging forces in our lives. An inspiration to the people of the subcontinent, Iqbal was instrumental in the stages leading up to the Partition of India and the Creation of Pakistan. An advocate of cultural understanding and peace, Iqbal interestingly enough became the inspiration for the modern state of Pakistan. In order for us to understand the current situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan and the rising paranoia of Radical Extremism we need to look at this critical point of history to understand those who where concerned with these same issues 100 years ago.

“A Message from the East” is Endless Eye Production’s first feature Documentary film. Endless Eye Productions is a Chicago Based Media Collective with a focus on Media Empowerment, Documentary, and projects that aim to Inspire, Inform and Entertain us All. For more information you can check out endlesseye.com.

Mammoth Film Festival 2009 review by The Sheet

Mammoth Film Festival review by The Sheet

By: Colin Wolf

Sunday, December 6th 2009

“A Message From Fahey”

Producers Sean Fahey (in gray) and Jeremiah Hammerling (in white) in Lahore, Pakistan. Fahey’s documentary Message From the East” will screen during the Mammoth Film Festival. (Photo courtesy Endless Eye)

Mammoth Film Festival features new documentary that address Muslim image.

After spending a month in Pakistan filming his new biographical-historical documentary, “Message from the East,” producer Sean Fahey returns to the third annual Mammoth Film Festival starting Dec. 9-13.

At last year’s MFF event, Fahey was a favorite with his short film, “Nancy Picks and Chooses,” in a nutshell a film about a chick that dates grandpas. Though the film didn’t win anything then, Fahey’s film did earn a write up in The Sheet.

A year later, Fahey is heading back to Mammoth Lakes, but not just for snowboarding, press and parties.
“This film has changed everything,” says Fahey, “from how we film and tell stories to even how we travel.”

“Message from the East,” directed by Jeremiah Hammerling, was a work of apparent backbreaking dedication for Fahey’s production company, Endless Eye.
Financed largely by donations, and his credit cards, Fahey and Endless Eye travelled to Germany, Dubai, Pakistan, Spain, Turkey and parts of The United States, all the while immersing themselves in the Pakistani culture to follow the teachings of Pakistan’s national poet and philosopher, Muhammad Iqbal.

Centering on the teachings of Iqbal during the time of colonial occupation by Southern India, his poems were written in the form of “shikfla,” which translates to: “arguments with God.” Though controversial at the time, his teachings of balance and the nature of contradiction were “instrumental in the partition of India and the creation of what is now the modern state of Pakistan.”
Though a century old, Iqbal’s message is one that still resonates today. “Message” observes the roots of today’s struggles in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the rising paranoia of extremism; tracing these issues back to a decisive point of history and those who were concerned with the same issues 100 years ago.

The film offers a nice balance to an ever present media onslaught of negative images of Muslims. “Message “attempts to answer the fundamental question: “Where are the moderate Muslims?”
This is a question that Fahey hopes to clarify with help from history and the simple act of pointing his camera in the right direction.

Considering the turbulent situation in Pakistan, I asked Fahey if they were ever concerned for their well-being while over seas and he responded, “Yeah, we were pretty scared. My mom would call me all the time crying. A few times we were approached by men on horse back with guns. But looking back its funny because we actually had contingency plans incase we were kidnapped.”
Fortunately they were not kidnapped and when Fahey and crew arrived in Lahore, Pakistan they were surprised at what they found. “I felt like there was this wool that was pulled over our eyes and when we got to Pakistan we were shocked because we discovered humanity; everything we thought we knew about the East was false.”

The film features an even-handed mix of commentary, “We travelled everywhere. We met politicians, professors and even slum lords. But everywhere we went people were so appreciative of what we were doing that they accepted us and opened their doors to us.”

Fahey is finishing up work for IMAN (Inner-City Muslim Action Network), a Chicago-based south-side community center, for which he’s filming a documentary about the rehabilitation of ex-cons.

You can follow Sean Fahey’s work at http://www.endlesseye.org and watch the trailer for “A Message from the East” at www.messagefromtheeast.com.
MMF films, dates and times are at www.mammothfilmfestival.com.