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Sounds of Faith PBS Documentary Islam Christianity Judaism

Sounds of Faith is a unique media and educational outreach project focusing on the commonalities in the three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The three-part documentary film and its accompanying outreach program will focus on how humans are connected to God through sound, and will foster a deeper understanding of the strong ties between the three religions.

Sounds of Faith will be broadcast nationally on public television as a three-part series in 2009 with WTTW in Chicago as the presenting station and Shakeela Hassan of Harran Productions and Bill Kurtis of Kurtis Productions, its Executive Producers. The Endless Eye crew was contracted for the creation of this film.


A Message from the East – Documentary Trailer (2:13)

VIMEO LINK: http://vimeo.com/10816239

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Shot between 2007 and 2009, “A Message from the East” is an inspirational film about the life and work of Muhammad Iqbal, the national poet of Pakistan. A crew of 10 Chicago Filmmakers traveled from Germany, Dubai, Pakistan, Turkey, Spain, Canada, and parts of the United States to retrace the steps and thoughts of the most inspiring Muslim Poet of the 20th Century.

Shot on HD and HDV cameras as well as 16 mm and Digital SLR cameras, “A Message from the East,” is a film which seeks to answer the misunderstood question: “Where are the moderate Muslims?” This film decisively shows us they are here, their voices are strong, and they have been with us for quite some time.

“A Message from the East” invites us to take another look at Islam, through the window of time during the late-colonial rule of India. Muhammad Iqbal was a man who understood the nature of contradiction and the necessity of balancing the converging forces in our lives. An inspiration to the people of the subcontinent, Iqbal was instrumental in the stages leading up to the Partition of India and the Creation of Pakistan. An advocate of cultural understanding and peace, Iqbal interestingly enough became the inspiration for the modern state of Pakistan. In order for us to understand the current situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan and the rising paranoia of Radical Extremism we need to look at this critical point of history to understand those who where concerned with these same issues 100 years ago.

“A Message from the East” is Endless Eye Production’s first feature Documentary film. Endless Eye Productions is a Chicago Based Media Collective with a focus on Media Empowerment, Documentary, and projects that aim to Inspire, Inform and Entertain us All. For more information you can check out endlesseye.com.